Charitable Institutional Kitchens

How did the Charitable Kitchens of the Basilio Scientific School in Paraguay come into being?

On our own initiative, born from seeing the suffering of those who can least.
Based on the principles of the New Idea that we learned from the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.

"Love one another as brothers you are."

In 2014, the first dining room of the Institution was born in Paraguay, in the E.C.B. No. 302 of the city of San Lorenzo.
Through the institution's volunteers, supporters of the New Idea, neighbors and authorities of the city, it was possible to carry out this long-awaited dream of being able to feed those who are hungry.

"Brother disciple, have:
The hand always outstretched for the one who falls.
The word, the gesture, and the consoling action for the one who suffers.
The smile for the one who complies.
And the understanding silence, for him who offends you."

The Humanitarian Work in Paraguay is expanding its wings, and now in the country we have six Humanitarian Kitchens distributed in different cities. They also provide medical aid, donations of clothes and school supplies, etc.

we invite you to join this beautiful 
work of love!